Carlos “Los” Hernandez – (Read More)

I’ve been tattooing seriously since 2010. I first felt the buzz of a coil machine pulse through my soul a few years before then, at the young age of 18 and never looked back. I like to consider myself a versatile tattooer. I don’t intentionally categorize myself as a black and gray artist. However, the majority of people come to me for black and gray work. I’ve expressed before that if I could do a skull, a rose, a girl, or snake tattoo a day, I’d be a happy camper. Since then, I’ve been really getting into bigger, more complex pieces, rather than palm sized or smaller, and I’m excited about the direction my career is heading.

I, like the rest of the team here at Lucky 13 Tattoo take pride in making the whole tattoo experience for our customers a fun, informative, and most importantly comfortable session. We’re not just about taking your money and sending you on your way with a tattoo you don’t love and a hole in your bank acount. We aim to please and use the best equipment and supplies to make sure the quality of your tattoo stands the test of time. That, along with using the latest technology has to offer for our drawing, stenciling, and designing procedure and a sterile, profesional and spacious environment to perform the tattoo makes our shop the ONLY shop to come to. No questions asked. All consultations are done in person and you must be deposit ready to book.

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