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We know him as D.L.

You might know him as ‘Happy’ from the TV shows  ‘Sons of Anarchy’, ‘Mayans MC’, or from other various film productions. David looks at everything through an artist’s eye. David’s mom was an art teacher and he is an all around artist. He is an accomplished tattoo artist, glass artist, author, film maker, and he has a best selling book, ‘Becoming a Son’ published.

But David’s passion is tattooing. He started tattooing for tattooing legend LyLe Tuttle in San Francisco in the early 80’s. He then went and tattooed in Amsterdam before settling in Miami and tattooing for Tattoos By Lou, the biggest and most famous tattoo shop in Miami.

After that, he moved to Oakland where he opened a tattoo shop called ‘Evil Ink Tattoo’. The shop was successful, then David got the job on the ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ He took that job but still wanted to tattoo. His friend Uptown Charlie introduced him to his friend Oliver Ocampo, The owner of Lucky 13 Tattoos, which was also rated number 1.

It was just like Charlie said, “Oliver is the best artist he ever met and an incredibly nice guy”.

“As soon as I started looking  around at the heart of the shop and I  spoke with Oliver and with all the great artists working there I knew I wanted to work there.“ David said.  “This is absolutely the cleanest and most state of the art tattoo shop I  have ever visited, and I have worked in some of the best shops in the world and I knew right away this was the spot. The art was off the hook and the boss was amazing, not only his Artwork, where he is like the Rembrandt of the tattoo world, his demeanor is fantastic”   

David always worked in street shops which do a lot of flash and custom work, as well as any custom orders. He excels in hot rods and in cartoon art and traditional work and just about anything with the time to work on it. He attends tattoo conventions worldwide.

David also works worldwide, travelling to tattoo shops all over, doing guest spots.

David enjoys all mediums of art but enjoys tattooing the most. We invite you to come down and give his book a look and have a consultation for that future tattoo you have been wanting. All visitors get a free sticker.

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